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John R. Nelson - Mr. Nelson’s career incorporates operating experience as an executive where he has been involved with both investment finance and technology-related industries. His international experience has emphasized the Asia-Pacific region, where he has worked for two decades involved in cross-border investments, multi-national manufacturing operations, and market development. He has 20+ years as institutional venture capital Managing Partner, including leadership roles in 6 fund management groups. Before the formation of the CalCap, Mr. Nelson was Managing Director of the Technology Gateway Funds, L.P. of Ventana Global Funds, Ltd. He also has been a Managing Director and/or Venture Partner with Maximum Life Accelerator Fund, Shepherd Ventures, and The CanAm Fund. Prior to this role, he held a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia, functioning as that nation’s Investment Director, North America. In this capacity, he represented the Ministry of Treasury and the Department of Industries, Technology, and Technology (DIST) by providing investment services related to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, technology transfers, and greenfields manufacturing investments. He has held a variety of executive roles in operating companies ranging from Fortune 500 (National Computer Systems, where he was Sr. Vice President) to turn-arounds (Cycle, Inc. where he took over as CEO), to start-ups (such as Int’l Technology Systems, where he was Chairman/CEO). He has served on boards of directors for both public and private companies. Mr. Nelson's academic and research background include: ABD (Ph.D. qualified) from the University of Oregon; doctoral skill certification in Computer Technology; an M.B.A./D.B.A. candidacy in Marketing Management; and, joint Bachelor degree(s) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Return to Our Team


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