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Qualifying Criteria

CalVen deploys a set of screening criteria to assure capital placements in the best opportunities it encounters, including:

  • Management - Competent and ethical founders with significant stakes vested in the success of the enterprise.
  • Team - Demonstrable ability of the company staff of share a dynamic vision and work together to achieve difficult objectives.
  • Market Penetration - Ability to achieve sales objectives and establish greater than 25% market-share in key segment(s) of expansive markets.
  • Projected Sales - Projected sales by the fifth year should exceed $50 million.
  • Technology - Proprietary technology, or significant demonstrated market leadership to limit competition.
  • Stage of Development - Start-up through Mezzanine Stage.
  • Structure of Investment – Debt and/or equity
  • Exit Strategy - M&A or IPO ; must be pre-defined and validated by examples.
  • Other Qualification - Investees must complete Consortium Innovation Centers' 2-stage Success Formulas® process as an adjunct criterion to CalVen due diligence.


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