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CalCap’s funds provide both debt and equity capital sources to qualifying businesses:

  • Capital availability - Our average investment total per company is about $2 million; however, cumulative investments may range from $.25 million to $10 million. Generally, CalCap will not commit more than 20% of any funds’ capital to any single portfolio company.

  • Investment term – Initial venture lending placements range from 6-42 months.

  • Synergistic strategies - CalCap facilitates cross-investment participation between companies within its portfolio, thereby establishing valuable synergies in terms of business development opportunities, intellectual capital, contacts, and fundraising capability.

  • Rigorous investment process - Commitment to thorough due diligence that covers all aspects of a potential investee's business. This process assures the CalVen investment partnership that investment decisions are informed and appropriate, and positions us to be a valuable investment partner because of our understanding of the business.

  • Participation - Leverage access to the Capitalist Club of Consortium Innovation Centers refers opportunities for grooming and to obtain high-value "investment-ready" opportunities

  • Strategic partners - Leverages CalCap's international network of affiliates, partners, and professional service organizations; thereby, providing CalCap with a steady flow of investment opportunities, specialty resources, ideas, and contacts.

  • Shared Vision - The CalCap Managers all have vested interests in the funds we manage. Similarly, the founders and executives of our portfolio companies have significant ownership stakes in their businesses. The consistent alignment of interests is a significant criterion that leads to our respective long-term investment and business success

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