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Qualifying Criteria

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Investing in undeserved businesses


Investment Strategy

CalCap requires that the companies in which it invests, are already established (i.e. not "seed" stage), well-managed, and have an investment liquidation strategy. Moreover the investment strategy we have selected emphasizes the following criteria:

  • Investment apportionment typically reserves up to $10 million with co-investment objectives to provide up to an additional $10 million in capital availability per portfolio company distributed over multiple placements.
  • A balanced focus on proprietary technologies, including IT, life sciences, and other exceptional opportunities.
  • An emphasis on companies that can demonstrate a working proof-of-concept product or process.
  • A requirement that all portfolio companies have. establish, a HQ located in the U.S. within 2.5 hours commuting time of a CalCap (or affiliate) office.

Managing Risk

  • Diversification - Investment portfolio diversified with respect to sector, geography, and stage of company; balancing portfolio equates to balanced risk
  • Deal Structure - Terms customized to minimize risk; most investments have preference terms , are secured and have liquidation preferences
  • Financial Oversight - Fund oversight includes the both internal and external controls (auditors and legal counsel) including annual audits
  • SEIMSĀ® - Provides standardized timely monitoring of all investments, and facilitates transparency to the partners.
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