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California Capital Partners, LLC (“CalCap”), an international merchant bank, has managed capital in Limited Partnerships (institutional funds, corporations, family offices, and high-net worth individuals) for optimized capital gains through private equity investments such as venture debt and venture capital.  CalCap also provides advisory services, as well as interim management assignments.   CalCap’s leadership consists of three principals who have a cumulative 75 years of senior management, venture capital, and other investment experience.  As a team, CalCap has a long association of partners working together, and have completed over 300 capital investments, managed funds totaling over $2 billion in transactions over the past 25 years, and consistently produced returns in the top decile of their industry.  CalCap also benefits from the expertise of its 20 venture partners.

CalCap generally invests in product-stage companies with revenues or near-term revenue potential.  The common bond between the CalCap Managing Directors is the persistent desire to build successful businesses and help skilled, dynamic entrepreneurs.  

Value Added to Portfolio Companies

CalCap routinely provides support and assistance to the management of its portfolio companies.  The managers actively participate on the Board of Directors and fulfill many other roles such as strategic introductions through U.S. and international networks, assistance in the selection of key personnel, contribution to growth and financial strategy development, and assistance with additional capital raising, M&A, and IPOs. 


The company’s investment activities are located strategically in the major markets for technology and life sciences companies – Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and London with satellite operations in Silicon Valley, San Diego, New York, and Vancouver.  This geographic advantage facilitates deal flow and ensures that the majority of portfolio companies are within close contact of a CalCap partner.  Also, by balancing several growth sectors in geographically-distinct markets, CalCap opportunistically selects the most attractive deals available. 




            Transaction Capital, LLC

With the launch of its subsidiary, Transaction Capital, LLC, (TransCap), California Capital Partners, LLC has increased the scope of services it provides to its clients.  With offices in California, Toronto, New York, and London, as well as partnerships in Asia, they posses the global network necessary for the successful development of creative strategies and investment banking transactions for business development and timely financing. 

The services include:

  • Financial Advisory Services


Comprehensive and innovative solutions for mergers, acquisitions,
divestures, corporate restructuring, valuations, MBOs, strategic consulting, and business planning.     

  • Private Capital Markets


CalCap/TransCap, with a FINRA registered partner, Global Capital Markets, Inc, specialize in the sourcing, structuring, negotiating, and managing of private equity and/or debt investment opportunities.

  • Public Underwriting


Raising investment capital on behalf of corporations that are issuing securities
(both equity and debt) through their extensive brokerage network and
relationships in North America and Europe.

  • Structured Finance


Creative structured finance solutions on both debt and equity mezzanine
financing, including LBO, MBO, and BIMBO financing, as well as asset-based lending.

            Decision Point, LLC

With offices in California, Toronto, New York, and London, as well as
partnerships in Asia, Decision Point, LLC, a subsidiary of California Capital
Partners (CalCap), possesses the intellectual capital and global network for the
development of relevant strategic options in a dynamic global environment.
They are a hands-on advisory firm that facilitates the generation of creative
strategies and critical testing of these strategies beforematerial resources get
committed.  Decision Point provides the following services to its clients:



  • Development: Managing the Inductive Process – Driving to Good Planning


Facilitates the sourcing and managing of relevant input to develop scenarios and subsequent options that are well grounded. This inductive exercise is difficult, absolutely essential, and requires the fusion of Decision Point’s international operational, consulting, and financial services experience.

  • Business Wargaming – Scenario Testing


Guide participants to refine strategic options with expert testing of each option by simulating probable “competitive market responses.” Directed stress testing prepares client teams to reconsider and sharpen scenario assumptions, refine strategies, and stage action plans proactively to account for likely competitive responses.

  • Business Planning: Managing the Deductive Process – Driving to Execution


Critical go-forth tactical planning required to address the practical realities of plan execution once strategic initiatives are developed and tested. Ongoing input includes: Financial modeling; Sector research; Investment banking counsel; etc.

  • Specialized Modules


Highly specialized modules relevant to the vitality of your organization include:  Industrial espionage; Business continuity; and, Targeted communication strategies and tactics.

  • Interim Management Assignments


Short-term placements imbedded within client organizations to achieve specific targeted outcomes.

  • Reputational Risk Management/Crisis Management


It takes years to establish a company’s reputation, but only a moment to destroy it.  That’s why having a reputational risk management plan in place before a problem occurs is essential to a company’s health and well being.
These real life situations are occurring with increasing frequency today.

            Funds Management Service

California Capital Partners, LLC, an international merchant bank, has introduced a funds management service to accelerate the return of capital to Limited Partner investors.

This timely and needed service has been launched as a result of two factors:

  • Over the past decade, many capital managers have not met the

      investment objectives of their Limited Partner investors.  In such
instances, the manager, or General Partner, has not achieved sufficient
portfolio liquidations to provide a return of capital to the investors even
though the investment may be in its last third or quarter of existence.

  • CalCap has a long-term reputation for positive capital appreciation

      and prudent risk management.  Returns to investors place CalCap
in the top decile of fund managers.  They are hands-on investors that
take an active role in the oversight of the investments they make on
behalf of their participants.

CalCap has managed capital for participants in Limited Partnerships, institutional funds, corporations, family offices, and high-net worth individuals for maximized capital gains through private equity investments such as venture debt and venture capital.

Managing Directors

Mark Mansfield

Mark Mansfield offers extensive hands-on experience in company start-ups, expansions, workouts and investment banking transactions.  He successfully co-founded a boutique investment bank, which was subsequently purchased by E*OFFERING, the investment bank of E*TRADE Corp.  In the capacity of the bank’s President, he actively oversaw sales and trading as well as a broad portfolio of investment companies for which over $100 million in equity financing was secured.  Most recently he has led strategic planning workshops throughout the world and has been recruited as a turnaround manager overseeing exits for venture backed start-ups.

John R. Nelson
John is a former Managing Partner of multiple venture funds including Gatekeeper International Funds, Ventana Technology Gateway Fund, and Venture Management Group.  He also is a Venture Partner with Shepherd Ventures and Vangel Capital.  Previously, John was the North American Investment Director for the Ministry of Treasury of Australia and the CEO of several successful turnarounds.  John’s areas of focus include IT, computer science, economics, life sciences, and Asia.

Philip B. Smith
Philip has nearly 40 years of legacy as a venture capital veteran.  He was the founder and first CEO of Citibank Venture Capital, a Managing Partner of three venture funds (Utech, Terra Nova, and Allegra Partners), and founder of two boutique investment banks.  Philip’s areas of focus include Wall Street, IT, and life sciences.





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