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Newport Beach, CA… Decision Point, a portfolio company of California Capital Partners, is the “go-to” provider of facilitated decision-making.  Backed by years of multi-industry experience, Decision Point provides clients with turn-key processes that are tailored to precise client specifications – known collectively as Competitive Interactive Strategic Simulations (CISS™).

CISS™ is an application of “Business War-Gaming” which is a series of iterative interactions that Decision Point customizes for clients in order for them to develop the most likely outcome scenarios based on well-considered moves and counter-moves, similar to a chess match.  From this exercise, participants determine possible and pragmatic scenarios, and then develop appropriate contingencies and relevant action plans before committing valuable resources.

Decision Point offers specialized expertise, focused mission support, and proven methodologies necessary to lead executive teams and stakeholders in making the best decisions possible.  With specialty credentials in financial securities, investment acquisitions and divestments, corporate planning and military strategy, Decision Point’s facilitated decision-making processes help participants develop scenarios, analyze options, and increase the likelihood of making the optimal decisions.  The process is built on core quantitative strengths tempered by real-world experience across a broad range of industries.  Decision Point has provided mission-critical guidance to many decision makers throughout the world… from some of the largest multinational conglomerates to early-stage ventures.

Decision Point’s staff facilitates decision-making that creates change or reacts to changing conditions and can be optimized in the context of the impact on desirable outcomes --predicated on the Charles Darwin quote, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Consider Decision Point whenever:

  • There is uncertainty of the risk/return of a project or strategy

  • The Company is considering capital investments, new product launch or market entry, divestiture, acquisition, merger, or outsourcing of a key functions

  • Systemic forces (globalization, terrorism, infrastructure, etc.), need to be considered with scenarios built and contingencies established

  • Early built-in warning signals need to be determined, embedded, and monitored for a project

  • There have been too many surprises or mistakes in the past

  • The traditional sales pipeline is declining and new thinking and approaches are required

  • Organizational thinking and innovation have become bureaucratized and/or atrophied

  • The company’s core competencies need to be reinventoried and/or redefined

  • Key patents are about to expire or value of intellectual property has depreciated

  • Overconfidence is leading to straight-line extrapolation exercises or other blind-spots

  • The company’s industry is facing significant change (regulatory, technology, market forces, etc.)

  • There are diverse stakeholders, a recent change in shareholders, and/or strong differences of opinion

  • Competitors are increasingly becoming more sophisticated in their scenario development methodologies

  • There is an urgent need to institute accountability, feedback, and the tracking of results

  • Change is needed, but the internal business culture requires facilitation by an external agent, i.e., an objective third-party should be involved

The following resources are available free of charge to familiarize prospective participants with the Decision Point processes:

  • Decision Mapping – An Overview

  • War-Gaming – An Overview

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Optimizing Decision and Risk Management

Decision Point affiliates include:

  • David Cooper Associates, Ltd. – For over 30 years DCA has helped its clients achieve commercial advantage from technology-based new business development programs. The firm optimizes the allocation of resources and drives the implementation process. DCA tailors a specialized implementation package to each client's specific Decision Point objectives.  www.dca-uk.com


  • The Los Angeles Consulting GroupLACG combines four unique consulting brands under one advisory firm roof. The Group is predicated on the awareness that most issues facing enterprises cannot be solved by only one perspective, but rather require multidisciplinary viewpoints.  www.losangelesconsultinggroup.com

Decision Point may be contacted at:
700 East Redlands Blvd.
CalCap #105
Redlands, CA 92373
Phone:  949-739-1333
FAX:    909-954-4122

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