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Unique Private Equity Fund From California Capital Partners

Irvine, CA…The Family Choice Fund is a special purpose private equity fund that addresses legacy and continuity in family offices and closely-held enterprises.
It seeks to ensure that an entity's operations succession plan is effective and offers a "wealth wizard" apprenticeship.

 The Family Choice Fund (FCF) provides its participants with:

  • Access to robust private equity deal flow
  • Side-by-side participation in due diligence, investing, oversight, and liquidity of the investment portfolio
  • Structured training opportunities to acquire private equity industry skills with actual projects
  • Merger and acquisition (M&A) or public-listed liquidity options


FCF will be an opportunistic generalist fund, without a specific industry focus; however, it is likely that deal-flow will include, but not be limited to:

  • Health-technology companies and services
  • New media companies
  • Wireless applications and devices
  • "Clean and Green" technologies and services


Participants in the Fund will have the option to invest in:

  • Direct debt and/or equity placements in portfolio


  • Capitalization of public-listed Capital Pool

                Company (CPC) vehicles that CalCap manages

  • Merchant banking opportunities where CalCap assumes significant governance control

"Unlike other private equity... funds, the Family Choice Fund is user oriented," observed Stan Sung, CFP, of Genrich, Inc.  "I'm impressed with their desire to educate and walk in tandem with their clients," he added.

Sung went on to explain that the Family Choice Fund "offers a 'transparent box approach,' a flexible structure, as opposed to a 'black box' one.  This allows clients to make decisions on the type of and which companies they invest in on opportunities sourced by the Fund.  No one else is doing this."

About CalCap

California Capital Partners, LLC (“CalCap”) has managed capital in Limited Partnerships (institutional funds, corporations, family offices, and high-net worth individuals) for optimized capital gains through private equity investments such as venture debt and venture capital.  CalCap also provides advisory services, as well as interim management assignments.  CalCap’s leadership consists of principals that collectively have over 100 years of executive management and investment experience. They have completed over 300 capital transactions totaling over $2 billion over the past 30 years, and have achieved investment returns in the top decile of their industry.  CalCap generally invests in product-stage companies with revenues or near-term revenue potential.  The common bond between the CalCap managers is the persistent desire to build successful businesses and help skilled, dynamic entrepreneurs. The URL is www.calcappartners.com.

About Genrich, Inc.

GENRICH is a multifamily office built on strong family values which manages the many different facets of generational wealth. They customize a turn-key system for each family to generate and sustain a rich legacy. What makes them different is the equal emphasis they put on family infrastructure, risk management, and non-liquid assets, such as a closely-held business and real estate, in addition to liquid assets. You can find more information about them at www.genrichinc.com.


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